Who are we?


Professional side

Electronic KNS is available for all repairs of electronic cards with or without schema and on-site repair of your machines (CNC, machining center, EDM, screen, inverter, laboratory equipment, biomedical equipment).

In addition to repairs, we can make custom-made (copied from an e-card, modification, redesign) to meet your needs. We offer you our expertise and we are committed to help you out as soon as possible with a much cheaper solution a service builder (new or remanufactured).

Particular side

As soon as a fault occurs on electronic equipment (heat pump, air conditioner card, card boiler, auto calculator ...), our technicians are able to find the cause of the fault on your e-card, to repair changing faulty components or search for identical or similar equipment in running condition. After our intervention, we test the equipment using test bench to sustain your hardware.



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